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“The PL/I Bulletin is intended to be an informal publication for the interchange of information and opinions related to PL/I. Correspondence and other contributions from the general readership are solicited. The frequency of publication has been and will continue to be adjusted to the rate of input.”

The PL/I Bulletin was originally produced by Working Group 4 (WG4) of the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN) of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery.

Issue number one appeared in January, 1966 and was mailed to a list of 84 recipients. The editor was R.N. Southworth of Logicon, Inc. in Los Angeles.

PL/I Bulletin No. 1, January, 1966.
 PB1.0 Editor's Notes 1
 PB1.1 News Items 3
 PB1.2 Correspondence(D.E. Knuth, M. Halpern,P.Z. Ingerman, J.W. Carr, A. d'Agapeyeff, H. Bromberg)5
 PB1.3Working Papers  
 PB1.3.1• Schneider, F. W. PL/I Publication Guidelines20
 PB1.4.1• Knuth, D.E., and Schneider, F. W. An Innerproduct Procedure23
 PB1.5Pitfalls & Pragmatisms  
 PB1.5.1• Schneider, F. Array Arithmetic25
 PB1.5.2• Rosenthal, W. Fixed Point Arithmetic26
 PB1.5.3• Rosenthal, W. Hint on PICTURE Clauses27
 PB1.8References 28
 PB1.9Circulation List 29
PL/I Bulletin No. 2, August, 1966.
 PB2.0 Editor's Notes 1
 PB2.1 News Items 2
 PB2.2 Correspondence(P. Yershov, T.B. Steel, jr., Prof. Dr. Leon Lukaszewicz, W.M. McKeeman, Bryan Higman, R.A. Zemlin)6
 PB2.3 Working Papers  
 PB2.3.1• Higman, Bryan Some Reactions to PL/I10
 PB2.3.2• Greenwald, I.D. Some Selected Published Comments on PL/I12
 PB2.3.3• Rosin, Robert F. PL/I Macro Processor - Progress Report14
 PB2.3.4• Rosin, Robert F. Macros in PL/I16
 PB2.3.5• Holmes, W.N. Some Remarks on PL/I22
 PB2.8References 24
 PB2.9Circulation List 25
PL/I Bulletin No. 3, March, 1967.
 PB3.0 Editor's Notes 1
 PB3.2 Correspondence(W. Schöniger, M.S. Schneider) 2
 PB3.3 Working Papers  
 PB3.3.1• Schneider, M.S. A PL/I Reformatter5
 PB3.3.2• Chapman, A.E. A User's Experience with PL/I7
 PB3.4.1• Schneider, F. W. A Permutation Algorithm18
 PB3.8References 19
PL/I Bulletin No. 4, September, 1967.
 PB4.0 Editor's Notes 1
 PB4.2 Correspondence(J. Besse, R.F. Rosin, M.W. Schneider, G.M. Weinberg, F. Bates) 2
 PB4.3 Working Papers  
 PB4.3.1• Rosin, R.F. Strings in PL/I6
 PB4.3.2• Fife, D.W. Viewpoints on Subsetting PL/I13
 PB4.3.3• Fay, D.E. GUIDE PL/I Project Minutes31
 PB4.3.4• Eddy, P.L. PLINT: PL/I Interpreter36
 PB4.5Pitfalls & Pragmatisms  
 PB4.5.1• Fay, D.E. Pictures37
PL/I Bulletin No. 5, December, 1967.
 PB5.0 Editor's Notes 1
 PB5.2 Correspondence(J.L. Harris & T.C. Hines) 2
 PB5.3 Working Papers  
 PB5.3.1• Holmes, W.N. Proposal for PL/I Pseudo-Name3
 PB5.3.2• Holmes, W.N. Study Proposal for PL/I String Facilities7
 PB5.3.3• Rosin, R.F. Comments on an Alternative Proposal for Strings in PL/I12
 PB5.3.4• Rosin, R.F. Proceedings of the PL/I Forum15
 PB5.3.5• Gauthier, R.L. PL/I Versus COBOL and FORTRAN31
 PB5.3.6• Gauthier, R.L. PL/I Survey34
 PB5.3.7• Kirk, P.J. "Pictures" and Subroutine Access40
 PB5.3.8• McKeeman, W.M., Interim Report on the Stanford PL/I Compiler Generation Project 42
 PB5.3.9• Shantz, P.W., and Cheng, R.S. Some Remarks on the PL/I Language Specifications52
 PB5.4.1• Schneider, M.S. REFMT, a Reformatting Program55
 PB5.5Pitfalls & Pragmatisms  
 PB5.5.1• Miller, J.P. Variable Length Records69
PL/I Bulletin No. 6, (missing).
  Bulletin number 6 was perhaps distributed with SIGPLAN Notices volume three issue three (Mar 1968) which is missing from the ACM archives.
PL/I Bulletin No. 7, January, 1969.
 PB7.0 Editor's Notes 1
 PB7.2 Correspondence
 PB7.2.1• Ackerman, A.F. Compile-Time Processor Deficiencies3
 PB7.3 Working Papers  
 PB7.3.1• Wood, D. On Conditional Expressions4
 PB7.3.2• Rosin, R.F. PL/I Implementation Survey8
 PB7.3.3• Basford, R.L. PL/I Data Conversion Rules16
 PB7.3.4• MacLachlan, J. Calling of FORTRAN Subprograms from a PL/I Procedure19
 PB7.3.5• Rosin, R.F. Summary Proceedings of the Second Annual ACM SIGPLAN PL/I Forum 20
 PB7.4.1• Ackerman, A.F. Macros for Debugging28
 PB7.5Pitfalls & Pragmatisms  
 PB7.5.1• Karpinski, R.H. Problems? and Solutions?30
 PB7.8References 33

CreditsBulletins 1-3 Charles Babbage Institute.
 Bulletins 4-7ACM

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