<comment>           ::= <opening bracket> <almost anything> <closing bracket>

<opening bracket>   ::= /*

<closing bracket>   ::= */

<almost anything>   ::= {any string of valid characters which does not contain a <closing bracket>} 

Text within comments is ignored, with one exception: a $ within a comment specifies that the next <character> is a control character. There are 256 control toggles corresponding to the 256 valid character codes. Each toggle can have a value true or false. When $<character> is encountered, the value of the corresponding toggle is complemented. Currently defined toggles are:

BInterlist emitted byte codes in
DPrint statistics and symbol table.on
EInterlist emitted assembly
LList compiled program.on
MList program without auxiliary
NWarn if procedure args¬
SDump symbol table at end of each
TBegin tracing. 
UTerminate tracing. 
ZAllow program to execute in spite of
|Set margin. Input scan will be terminated at column containing the |