NEW SHAPES: A Collection of Computer-Generated Designs"

by Julius Guest.

New Shapes is a collection of 110 fascinating computer-generated designs created by the author over a period of eight years. There is no need to be a practicing mathematician or a computer programmer to derive enjoyment from the intricate designs generated: the designs are satisfying art creations in themselves and may evoke responses suggested by their titles.

However, for those readers interested in the technical side, a mathematical formulation together with a computer program for each art piece is included in an appendix.

In looking at some of these designs one might be tempted to think that a considerable amount of sophisticated programming lies behind them. But this is not really the case. Most programs have in fact a very simple structure which could be learnt in a fairly short space of time. The attentive reader may well be stimulated by this book to generate his own "New Shapes" and obtain as much enjoyment from them as the author obviously did.

The designs are reproduced in color, some in exciting solid reverse.

Details: 174 pages, size 26 x 27 cms. ISBN 0-9596384-3-1

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Updated 7th October 1998.