PL/I Files from VM Workshop Tools Tapes

The Tools are stored as VMARC archive files with a Read-me and List file for each VMARC package. After receiving a VMARC file it must be reformatted a little before the VMARC command can unpack it:
   PIPE < filename VMARC filemode
        | FBLOCK 80 00
        | > filename VMARC filemode F 80

1995 VM Workshop Tools Tape
Location Package name or contents Description
SWIFT95 AVLTREE PL/I routines for building and maintaining "balanced" binary trees of pointers to arbitrary data structures
  PCR very powerful PL/I development tool and interface for implementing CMS commands, REXX external function packages, immediate commands, and subcommand environments using standard PL/I. Also supports loading of user and PL/I library routines into nucleus for very fast invocation.
  PLIFORM Very nice, "user-programmable" PL/I source code formatted; table driven to support multiple styles. For VM and OS/2
  PLITOOLS collection of powerful PL/I to VM functions interface routines. Includes direct native file i/o to files on minidisk, access to REXX variables in any currently active environment, XEDIT macros written in PL/I (*very fast*) and much more. Also includes the REXX 'PARSE' statement as a PL/I macro preprocessor -- now use PARSE in PL/I code.

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