PL/I Compilers and Tools

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CPU Operating System Vendor/Comments
HP Alpha Open VMS Kednos
  Tru64 Unix Kednos
AS/400 OS/400 IBM V5R1: Program number 5799-GKK [PRPQ P10144]
V4R2: Program number 5799-GCG
BS2000/OSD Fujitsu-Siemens
HP9000 HP-UX 10.x, 11.x Liant Open PL/I
PC DOS Digital Research PL/I [Freeware Version] Compiler and Library with source, linker, librarian, debugger.
  Linux, OS/2 Iron Spring Software Iron Spring PL/I for Linux and OS/2 [beta]
  Linux Liant Open PL/I
  OS/2 IBM VisualAge PL/I Professional
  Solaris Liant Open PL/I
  Unix SVR3, SVR4 Liant Open PL/I
  Windows 9x Liant Open PL/I
  Windows NT/2000 Hugh Gleaves [freeware] PL/I Subset-G compiler, with source
    IBM VisualAge PL/I Professional
    IBM VisualAge PL/I Personal
    Liant Open PL/I
RS/6000 AIX IBM PL/I Set for AIX
    Liant Open PL/I
Stratus Continuum VOS Stratus PL/I
Sun Solaris Liant Open PL/I
System/360 OS/360 IBM PL/I(F) [Freeware, no support]
System/390 OS/390 IBM VisualAge PL/I
    IBM PL/I for MVS and VM
  VM/ESA IBM VisualAge PL/I
    IBM PL/I for MVS and VM
Program number 5686-069


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CPU Operating System Vendor/Comments
PC Linux, OS/2, Windows [Freeware] Iron Spring Software: Fortran IV to PL/I Converter
  OS/2 [Freeware] Robin Vowels: C to PL/I Converter
  OS/2, Windows, Linux See CoCoLab below
  Windows [Freeware] Peter Ostermann: PL/I Source Code Reformatter (407k)
    BKR Softwareberatung: EasyCODE PL/I Structure diagram generator and editor
    microTOOL GmbH: Case/4/0 Case Tools
  Windows NT/2000 Semantic Designs Inc.: DMS Reengineering Toolkit
Sun Solaris Phoenix Software: PL/I Analyzer reengineering tool [processes MVS PL/I source]
[various] Unix (generic) CoCoLab: Cocktail Compiler compiler toolkit includes parsers for PL/I.
  Unix, Windows RainCode: Software Reengineering tool and Integrated Development Environment
[various] [various] Interactive Objects: MoRE Player PL/I PL/I-aware Eclipse plugin for editing and syntactical analysis.
System/390 VM [Freeware] PLIFORM PL/I Source Code Reformatter for VM(VMARC file 384k)
N/A N/A [Freeware] Browsable Grammar for PL/I Based on IBM OS PL/I 2.3 (not yet complete)
[various] N/A XTRAN Expert system whose rules language automates analysis, re-engineering, and translation of many computer languages, including PL/I from XTRAN, LLC.

[Information provided by vendors and obtained through web research. Contact vendors for specific details and current pricing.]

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