PL/I Virtual Source Archive

The Virtual Source Archive is an index of PL/I source code available online at a variety of sites. The links point to an index pages at the site. Not every program at every site is included here; this index attempts to include only non-system-specific programs which might be of general interest. The site's index page might contain other useful and interesting programs not listed here. Note that web sites go out of existence faster than I can keep up. If a page is not found, you can always try the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive.

Functional Index


Mathematical Programs

Physics Programs


Sorting and Searching

Text Processing


Index of Sites Referenced

Barry Wolman Multics Collection at Stratus Technologies
CBT Overflow Tape
Computer Software by Clement Clarke
Informationen von Eberhard Sturm
A Few PL/I Hints By Michael Rask Christensen
Paul Green Multics Collection at Stratus Technologies
PL/I for OS/2 code by Peter Flass
PL/I Resources by Robin Vowels
Multics-related progams by Peter Flass
The Language Guide, Univ. of Michigan
Iron Spring Software

Your software here...
Contact me to add a link to your PL/I source to the virtual archive. Code should be generally useful and freely available.

Last modified 9 Feb, 2021