The following PL/I functions implement many of the new built-in functions that are now in IBM's Websphere and Enterprise PL/I for z/OS, VisualAge PL/I for OS/2, AIX, and Windows compilers. (There are also the occasional code segments and procedures unrelated to these compilers, and which you may find useful.)
Other PL/I Resources include:


The excellent live parsing editor LPEX is available for PL/I on OS/2. It's part of IBM's PL/I Toolkit, aka Visual PL/I You can order it direct from IBM.

LPEX is also available as part of IBM's Windows and AIX VisualAge PL/I compiler package.

See below under "help" for notes for setting up LPEX.

Books on PL/I

Like to try out PL/I?

Why not try out the demo copy,
There's also the original Digital Research PL/I for DOS. It's the G-level subset of PL/I, of course, because it had to fit in 64K originally (I think). The compiler is free for non-commercial use. The URL contains the compiler, linker, samples, and replacement runtime.
Download the PL/I Programmers Manual, PL/I Reference Manual .
This URL gives all Digital research files on site, alphabetical. Other old sites may give some information: Digital Research PL/I for DOS. Digital Research PL/I for DOS. It's a subset of PL/I, of course, because it had to fit in 64K originally (I think).
If that site is down, you can link to a mirror site
See also DR DOS information.
Find the PCDOS section, and then check out DOWNLOADS.
Be sure to download the utilities (including the linker) as well as the compiler and sample codes.

You'll also need the compiler options (flags) to use it.

It you want Digital Research's CP/M-86 PL/I compiler, go to the same site as mentioned above, and go to the PCDOS section, check out DOWNLOADS, and the CP/M-86 section.

If you haven't a copy of Digital Research's PL/I Reference Manual, check out the appendixes in Joan Hughes's book PL/I Structured Programming for a summary of its features.

IBM Reference Manuals in PDF format may be downloaded by visiting the online library.


To update IBM's PL/I VisualAge compiler for OS/2, visit: OS/2 PL/I patch
There is a readme file and a ZIP file. Note that the main ZIP file is large (v. 2.1.4 is 23Mb), so be prepared to spend some time downloading it.
The windows fixpack is there too. Just go up one level, and then select the WINDOWS directory.
For the latest Windows Enterprise PL/I fixpak:
Click on VisualAge PL/I for Windows (in the lower middle of the page).
Then click on "support" on the left of the page.
Then click on "all support downloads" in the middle of the page.

PL/I Jobs

Looking for PL/I jobs?
Then try the usual sources, for example, newspapers, and: newsgroups: Your neighborhood area, which has the pro-forma -- aol.neighborhood.*.*.jobs for example-- If all else fails, search in, using the keyword "PL/1".

View recent job advertisements.

PL/I Courses

This list will be updated from time to time. This list was started on 6 Dec. 1998. If you hear of any other courses, please email the webmaster at the bottom of this page.

Other PL/I sites:

If you're using PL/I for OS/2, and want to set up OS/2 for internet connection, see Installing Internet Access on Warp.


For setting up the editor LPEX on Windows, see setting up LPEX.


A very brief tutorial of a procedure outlines the main keywords of the language. Click on the keywords to obtain a brief explanation. Another is a linked lists procedure.
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