The PL/I Language

PL/I is a third-generation procedural language suitable for a wide range of applications including system software, graphics, simulation, text-processing, web, and business applications.

Long considered strictly a mainframe language, PL/I is now the focus of renewed interest, particularly in view of its acknowledged security advantages over C. New compilers are available or under development on a range of platforms, and software is being ported to PL/I.

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PL/I Language Description Description of PL/I.
compilers & tools PL/I Compilers and Tools.
bibliography PL/I Bibliography of books and articles.
style guide PL/I Programming Style Guide.
related The PL/I Family.
PL/I Virtual Reference Library PL/I Virtual Reference Library. (Index of manuals)
PL/I Virtual Source Archive PL/I Virtual Source Archive.
Some PL/I for OS/2 code Some PL/I for OS/2 code.
Robin Vowels numeical algorithms Finally! Numerical Algorithms in PL/I, from Robin Vowels. Robin has given permission for Team PL/I to host his extensive collections of algorithms.

Selected Links to other PL/I sites

Hugh Gleaves has released the source for his Subset-G compiler for Windows-NT and above.
IBM offers downloads, sample code, and PL/I manuals in Adobe PDF format.
The PL1GCC project at SourceForge is developing a PL/I front-end for the open-source Gnu Compiler Collection (gcc).
CBTTAPE.ORG maintains the SHARE PL/I modifications library.
Rosetta Code PL/I over 400 examples of various PL/I solutions for various tasks.
The VM Workshop maintains a tools archive with some PL/I-related material.
UK GUIDE PL/I library. 
Detailed comparison of PL/I and C by Eberhard Sturm.
"Teaching the Fatal Disease (or) Introductory Computer Programming Using PL/I" by Richard C. Holt presents information on the history and features of the PL/I compilers used to build the Multics Operating System.
MIT Information on the Multics operating system including full source in PL/I.
PL/I Bulletins, 1966-1969. 
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